Stress, Illness, Social Change and the PPDA (2)

What might the PsychoPhysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA) look like in the future?  There are so many dimensions it  is difficult to know where to begin.

Perhaps we can start with an office with our name above the door.  Inside, staff are passionately organizing our next teaching conference which will provide learning opportunities for each of our three constituencies (medical clinicians, mental health professionals and the public).  They are also uploading new modules for our on-line learning courses and preparing the latest edition of our email newsletter.  Some of them are keeping our web site (, not functional yet) up to date and adding new features.  Others are writing grant proposals for foundations, scheduling meetings with individual donors and arranging publicity to solicit new dues-paying members.  Day to day operation is managed by an Executive Director.

The PPDA Board of Directors is a diverse group with expertise in medicine, mental health, law, accounting, fund raising, public relations, human resources and, not least, personal experience with symptoms of PPD.  They discuss strategic plans for the PPDA, provide guidance to the Executive Director and monitor the investment performance of their endowment.

The PPDA is recognized as the leading source of evidence- and practice-based expertise about PPDs.  The public is hearing the term more often.  Thousands of members of the PPDA are making their health care professionals and their insurers aware of their right to accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Worthy goals, all.  How might we get there?  More in the next post.

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