Stress, Illness, Social Change and the PPDA (3)

Getting the PsychoPhysiologic Disorders Association (PPDA) to the level described in the last post will be challenging.  The financial support needed to sustain that quality and amount of service can only develop from recognition that the PPDA offers the best opportunity for positive change.  This means personal change for individuals afflicted with PPD, improvement in the ability of mental health practitioners to manage PPD, greater understanding by medical clinicians of stress-related symptoms and change in the health care system to enable appropriate diagnosis and treatment of PPD.  For the PPDA to achieve that means involving the most experienced people in our work, provided they are committed to an evidence-based approach.

With recognition that we have the best expertise available, we gain the credibility to seek dues-paying supporters.  We earn their continued support by documenting the ways we contribute to improving care of PPD and by regularly providing brief but useful information that meets the needs of our stakeholders (the public, mental health, medicine).

As our membership grows, so does our credibility as the voice for PPD sufferers.  A virtuous cycle of greater credibility leading to more support will begin, provided we continue to fulfill our mission and serve our members.

With enough members and the most experienced, committed people on our Board of Directors, we can make our case to foundations and wealthy individuals for the additional support needed to move us toward the scenario in the last post.