American Psychosomatic Society (4)

One important exception to the physiology-focused research presented at the APS meeting was a study led by my friend and colleague Dr Howard Schubiner.  His well-developed treatment program was used by a group of patients with fibromyalgia with good relief of their symptoms.  The process emphasizes techniques for uncovering the emotional issues that underly the symptoms in most cases.  Some patients did not benefit but most did which is a tremendous achievement in an illness as difficult as fibromyalgia.  It is likely that most forms of stress-related illness would benefit from this process.  Dr Schubiner’s book is due out by the end of this month and can be ordered via his web site (click on his name above).

He will be the first speaker at the When Stress Causes Pain conference on March 27-28 in Los Angeles at which I will be speaking also.  This meeting will enable the leading experts in mind-body medicine in the U.S. to share and compare their ideas and clinical approaches.  Attendees will come away with a solid understanding of how the connections between physical symptoms and mental health issues can be understood, diagnosed and treated.

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